About Carol Birch

Since she began telling stories in 1971, audiences have responded to Carol Birch's infectious enthusiasm and artistry. She offers a wealth of stories full of memories worth having. After she tells, adults want her to stay, kids want to know when she'll be back, and colleagues want to talk shop.

"With the advent of story slams and endless Facebook commentaries about our personal lives, it is refreshing – and necessary – to have someone who knows that we often understand ourselves and our world best through the universal mirror of great art and literature."

Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi, Storyteller

"When Carol tells a story every word becomes a song. She breathes shape into each one, setting it free to soar its way into our imagination. I could hear the same tale told by someone else and not be engaged by it at all."

Marianne McShane, a Seanachie from the North of Ireland.

What people crave is experience – a way to lift off from the weight of their daily familiar routines. Great Storytelling lifts and enlivens. I use the word “great” on purpose, because there is average storytelling. Carol Birch is GREAT.  I love her long literary pieces best. Hearing Carol tell The Grapes of Wrath refueled my love of humanity. Carol tells without Ego – fully devoted to the author’s language and palpably present to the listener’s experience. I felt safe, immersed, transported, inspired – completely taken up into pictures in my mind, believing every character, aching through to the outcome. You have to hear her tell The Grapes of Wrath. Really. You do. Carol Birch is irresistibly engaging.

Megan Wells, Storyteller


More Than A Cup of Kindness

A Parents' Choice Gold Award 2016 — Storytelling
2016 GOLD WINNER Award from Storytelling World


2016 GOLD WINNER Award from Storytelling World




Carol Birch • cbtells@gmail.com