Through the Years

DISC ONE previously released on the cassette CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. *Recipient of NAPPA (National Association of Parenting Publications) GOLD AWARD, 1997.*

AWARDS: Storytelling World Honor Award, 2004.
NAPPA, National Association of Parenting Publications, Gold Award, 2004.


“Birch’s voice is fluid with expression and the range of emotions satisfying resonant for both characters and narrator. Superlatively produced.” Bulletin for the Center for Children’s Books, Spring, 1998

PETER KAGAN & THE WIND by Gordon Bok. A Selkie’s foresight cannot keep a mere mortal from the dangers of shortsighted ways. So exquisitely did Gordon Bok compose a story with folkloric resonance that a young girl in Ireland told it, believing it to be a traditional tale. Quite a discussion ensued. Renowned storyteller Duncan Williamson told me the fur on a seal skin responds to barometric fluctuations that indicate changing weather…ah, the wisdom of our predecessors! Peter Kagan and the Wind ©1977 by Gordon Bok / BMI.

THE FISHERMAN & HIS WIFE by Carol Birch. The good life comes when we savor what we have, rather than dwelling on what we do not have. My adaptation of this traditional tale is printed in BEST LOVED STOREIS TOLD AT THE NATIONAL FESTIVAL. The Fisherman and His Wife © 1991 by Carol Birch

WEE MEG BARNILEG & THE FAIRIES FROM THE WAY OF THE STORYTELLER by Ruth Sawyer. When Wee Meg challenges the fairy-folk, she learns hard lessons and yet her spirits still soar – entirely. Re-visiting this story brings back treasured memories of when my life as a storyteller began. This is the final story told in Ellin Greene’s graduate storytelling class at Rutgers University in the spring of 1970. A classmate complained: “No fair! Carol told a personal story. She just got someone else to write it!” Like Wee Meg, I too have “a way of my own… entirely.” “Wee Meg Barnileg and the Fairies”, from THE WAY OF THE STORYTELLER by Ruth Sawyer, copyright 1942, © 1962, renewed © 1970 by Ruth Sawyer, renewed © 1990 by David Durand and Margaret D. McCloskey. Used by permission of Viking Books, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC.

DISC TWO is a re-edited version of the CD previously published L– G—–: The Story of a Great Man © 2002 by Carol Birch.
*Recipient Storytelling World HONOR AWARD, 2004.*
*Recipient of NAPA (National Association of Parenting Publications) GOLD AWARD, 2004.*

Licensing issues prevent the use of this athlete’s name or image on the packaging. The story, as I wrote it, remains intact with the exception of two errors that were removed; they came to light after reading LUCKIEST MAN: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF LOU GEHRIG by Jonathan Eig. This recording is entitled THE STORY OF A GREAT MAN by Carol Birch. It tells the story of a baseball legend whose spirit is more significant than ALS, the disease which destroyed him. His story is more than a baseball story, yet it brings to life an extraordinary time in baseball history.