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More Than A Cup Of Kindness

“Your new CD is so moving. It is refreshing in a harsh world to hear tales that lift the heart and celebrate the rare gift of goodness. So proud to know you!” –- Heather Forest, Storyteller/Author

AWARDS: A Parents’ Choice Gold Award – Storytelling, 2016
Storytelling World Gold Award, 2016

CD – $12.00


“You can hear great meaning in Birch’s telling…the palpable energy and love of literature is heard clearly in her beautiful tones.” — Heidi Smith, Asst. Dir., Waukegan Public Library.

AWARD: Storytelling World Gold Award, 2016

CD – $12.00

Through the Years

Disc One has three stories from previous cassette, Careful What You Wish For.
NAPPA, National Association of Parenting Publications, Gold Award, 1997.

Disc Two is a re-edited version of L– G—–: The Story of a Great Man.
AWARDS: Storytelling World Honor Award, 2004.
NAPPA, National Association of Parenting Publications, Gold Award, 2004.

CD – $15.00

Sandburg Out Loud

“Powerful and mezmerizing… Run, don’t walk, to the place where you can buy this!” — Mary-Eileen McClear, Storyteller

AWARD: A Parents’ Choice Silver Award – Children 6 & Up, 2003.

CD – $15.00

The Whole Story Handbook: Using Imagery To Complete The Story Experience.

“I like the way Birch writes…Like the optical illusion on the cover, [book helps you] see it all. “-Mary-Eileen McClear, Storyteller

Awards: Anne Izard Storytellers’ Choice Award, 2003.
Storytelling World Gold Award, 2000.

Paperback – $12.95

Who Says?
Essays on Pivotal Issues in Contemporary Storytelling

“Who Says? is a must have for anyone serious about storytellers.”-J. Yolen, Author

“Carol’s essay should be required reading for all would-be and even established storytellers.” — G. Jones, Storyteller

Awards: Anne Izard Storytellers’ Choice Award, 1998.
Storytelling World Honor Book, 1997.

Paperback – $16.95

Along with Careful What You Wish For, Carol’s earlier recordings Nightmares Rising and Happily-Ever-After: Love Stories…More or Less were recommended for inclusion in every school library audio collection by the seminal reference source, The Elementary School Library Collection.

Happily-Ever-After: Love Stories…More or Less, was an ALA Notable Recording in 1988.

Nightmares Rising was recommended by two wildly different organizations:

  • The New York Public Library called Carol a “gifted storyteller” and included the cassette on its list of their Best Recordings for 1984.
  • The International Order of E.A.R.S in Louisville, Kentucky wrote: “A few chilling tales by one of America’s best. Guaranteed to keep your eyes open!”

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